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Jonsen Metal Surface Treatment Service Center was established

On June 1, 2015, Hangzhou Xiangsheng Sanding Machine Manufacturing Co., Ltd. officially established the “Xiangsheng Metal Surface Treatment Service Center” for the needs of sheet metal, metal processing, auto parts and other industries, aiming to provide new and new technologies to new and old customers. The experience of the process, also undertake small orders of trials and provide foundry services (small batch processing costs to collect costs) to help customers obtain different orders, and promote the quality of the company's machine.


As a leader in automated metal surface treatment technology, Xiangsheng Company provides nearly 400 sets of professional equipment for the global sheet metal industry every year, and continuously develops new technologies to promote the industry level. With the successful development of deburring new technology, it is relatively simple. The wide belt surface grinding deburring (SG series) has developed into an automatic deburring machine with four series of double-sided deburring (SB series), end brush (SD series) and planetary grinding roller (SP series). .


The establishment of the Xiangsheng Service Center will better showcase and share the latest achievements and serve new and old customers.


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Xiangsheng metal surface treatment services center set up

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