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With the perspective of focusing on the globe outlook, and creating great value,
“Made in China” has been making its contributions toward mankind’s prosperity and peace.
Hangzhou Xiangsheng Abrasive Machine Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (Jonsen Sander) was founded and established in 1993. Jonsen Sander has been dedicating on the industry of metal surface treatment machinery for 26 years now. Over the years, it has obtained 23 "patent of invention", and over 80 "patent of utility model". Jonsen Sander is the founding member, and standard making unit of Chinese national metal sanding machine industry. Jonsen Sander has gained vast amount of professional knowledge and practical experience in dealing with all kinds of applications. With such capability, it has drawn up and established 20 industrial standard for the application of deburring, deslagging, edge rounding, surface finishing, and surface grinding for each different material and different thickness range. 
With the rich background and accumulation of experience over the years, Jonsen Sander is well capable of providing the best solutions to the customers!

Jonsen Sander makes great efforts in connecting and cooperating with its customers. Therefore customers are willing to provide feedbacks to Jonsen Sander so the machines can be further improved to better meet customers' requirements. At Jonsen Sander, we are not only offering the machine itself, but the complete solution for each specific application. We are both machine manufacturer and designer. We have always attached importance to research and development, and we pay the greatest respect to intellectual property. Over the years, we have provided over 10,000 industrial solutions to our customers, and over 300 different models of machine that we designed and manufactured. Our long term goal is to continuously improve and optimize each machine model, and do our best to contribute to the industry as well as to benefit the society.
Our slogan: Professionalism We Do!

Application field: Electrical enclosures and accessories;
                              Automobile parts from stamping, fine blanking, powder metal, and etc;
                              Non-metal insulating board;
                              Friction material;
                              Precision sheet metal fabrication;
                              Railway transportation equipment;
                              Aerospace, nuclear, and other special applications;
                              Constructional, Agricultural equipment, mostly medium-thick metal plate part;
                              Medical instrument and equipment;

Development Path

  • Right Now
    Jonsen Company has 25 invention patents and more than 80 patents for utility models. It follows the concept of "only professional, can be better".  It is committed to serving customers, promoting advanced technology, and improving China's manufacturing level. It is constantly improving and never ending!
  • December Year 2018
    Strategic cooperation with China Aerospace Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. to jointly develop the market of rare metal sheet precision grinding equipment, providing surface treatment reliable equipment for key industries such as aerospace, shipbuilding, aircraft manufacturing and nuclear power in China.
  • November Year 2017
    Metal sheet abrasive belt grinding national industry standard drafting unit. (2 drafting units)
  • Year 2014-Year 2017
    Focusing on China's fast-growing post-thick plate cutting market, we are developing flame cutting and plasma cutting slag handling. Developed through-type alloy steel column roller type slag removal machine, planetary alloy steel column end face brush plate slag removal machine, upper and lower structure tumbling alloy steel column end face brush plate slag removal machine.
  • Year 2013
    The implementation of the new sales model, the internal capacity increase, so that the company's production and sales are booming, the development of new products is endless.
  • Year 2012
    Established an independent consumables R & D and manufacturing department, using advanced concepts and equipment, creatively developed a variety of consumables for the machine, greatly improving the "one-stop customer solution" ability.
  • Year 2011
    Became the standing director unit of the Metal Belt Grinding Society of China Machine Tool Industry Association, and cooperated with relevant industry departments to set up the industry standard working group of metal belt grinding machine, and participated in the formulation of the industry standard of wide belt metal grinding machine as the first unit.
    Successfully developed SD series models to serve the fine punching industry.
  • Year 2010
    Studying the SB series, the SB1000 machine is a good solution to the need for the sheet metal industry to remove the entire surface without removing the burrs on the edge.
    Established a Canadian subsidiary to localize sales services in North America.
  • Year 2009
    With the continuous introduction of new products, the company began to develop a series of SD end face brushing burrs. The range of products ranged from wide abrasive belt surface grinding to surface deburring, and the market capacity began to expand.
  • Year 2008
    For business development, Xiangsheng covers an area of ​​7,000 square meters.
    In October of the same year, the international financial turmoil struck, and the employees of Xiangsheng became loyal to the city. Through internal tapping potential and keeping up with market demand, the business volume did not fall.
  • Year 2007
    Mr. Chen Yongqi is the general manager of the company and manages the company affairs comprehensively.
    The metal sanding machine business has developed by leaps and bounds.
  • Year 2006
    Participated in the European Gold Show in October.
    In the domestic market, in cooperation with the time-saving company, Xiangsheng's first stainless steel grinding production line was sold to Guangdong.
  • Year 2005
    Successfully developed a wet series of metal sanding machines.
    In September, participated in the European Machine Tool Show. In the same year, Xiangsheng products began to export to Europe, the United States.
  • Year 2004
    I started to go abroad and visited the LIGNA Woodworking Machinery Exhibition in Germany for the first time.
  • Year 2003
    Mr. Chen Yongqi served as the marketing manager and participated in the metal processing exhibition for the first time and achieved excellent results.
  • Year 2000
    Registered Hangzhou Xiangsheng Sanding Machine Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
    Accurately anticipate the needs of emerging industry markets, successfully develop metal sanding machines, and implement advanced processes in the sheet metal industry.
  • Year 1999
    The new factory building covering an area of ​​3,000 square meters has been completed. The woodworking wide belt sander has been mass-produced. It is sold to bamboo and wood crafts, bamboo flooring, furniture and board manufacturers, and radiates from the Zhejiang market to the whole country.
  • Year 1997
    Established a mechanical manufacturing workshop and began research and development of manual belt sanders and woodworking wide belt sanders.
  • Year 1996
    In-depth cooperation with the 3M Shanghai factory,becoming the 3M brand belt distributor in Zhejiang.
  • Year 1993
    Mr. Chen Xiangsheng, the founder of the company, established the Penggong Abrasive Belt Factory in Yuhang City to convert the strong sanding cloth of the "Feilu Brand" of the Shanghai Grinding Wheel Factory, and developed a unique invention patent for the belt conversion equipment and two belt joints. R & D, leading the industry's business objectives, with "integrity experience, quality and establish a factory" as the purpose of the beginning of the company's development path.
Phone: 0571-88524367      Email: sander@vip.163.com