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Deburring Process

We have both continuous processing equipment suitable for mass production and flexible hand-machined small machine equipment...More >>

Cutting And Stamping Plane Workpiece Corner Rounding

Workpieces that have been punched, laser-cut, and surface-ground require rounded corners to remove sharp edges and produce a well-proportioned fillet....More >>

Drawing And Polishing Of Flat Metal Surface

Jonsen SG series wire drawing machine can process various patterns, including No.4 short wire and HL long straight wire for decorative purposes....More >>

Fine Grinding, Thickening, Polishing

According to the customer's grinding workpiece thickness grinding, grinding through servo control, precise positioning, widely used in titanium...More >>

Plasma, Flame, Laser Slag, Slag Removal

For workpieces such as medium-thick plate flame cutting, plasma cutting and laser cutting, there may be relatively large slag or dross....More >>

Surface Rust Removal, Laser Oxide Removal

The presence of surface rust and end oxides will affect the later cutting and welding. Jonsen has developed special consumables for surface descaling and end...More >>
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